Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster, NY

Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster, as one of the human service agencies of Catholic Charities of The Archdiocese of New York, is committed to building a compassionate and just society. Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster serves the homeless, the hungry, the emotionally and physically challenged, as well as immigrants, and the marginalized and vulnerable of Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster Counties. We collaborate with parishes, Catholic, and non-Catholic partners alike to assist people of all religions. We strive to be an integral part of the human service and care delivery system in Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster Counties, touching the lives of anyone in need of care, hope, and help. Each year, Catholic Charities helps thousands of individuals and families, regardless of religion or ability to pay.

Programs include treatment and recovery assistance for drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction, as well as prevention and education services. We also provide anti-poverty assistance, such as emergency food and shelter and case management, for those facing eviction or struggling with issues of homelessness and hunger. Additional assistance is available through the Resource Exchange which distributes donations of gently-used furniture, household items, and other basic necessities of life. Immigration assistance is also available for those journeying along the path to citizenship. Through our spectrum of services, Catholic Charities strives to lend a hand up to those in need so they may enjoy a brighter future and improved quality of life.

We are a not-for-profit 501(c)3 agency providing services in Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster Counties.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services

Provides a comprehensive network of services for those struggling with the disease of addiction to alcohol, drugs, and other substances. Support services are also available for family members of those with Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Specialized school-based and outpatient SUD treatment available for adolescents.

Prevention and Education Services

At Catholic Charities, we firmly believe in the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” It’s a strategy that holds true in the prevention of substance use disorders. The promotion and implementation of prevention and early intervention strategies help fight the disease of addiction in our communities, especially among our young people.

Social Services/Anti-Poverty Programs

Catholic Charities of Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster strives to provide a helping hand to individuals and families struggling with homelessness, eviction, hunger, and other issues of marginalization and destitution. Each year, our anti-poverty programs assist thousands of individuals and families in need of care, hope, and help. A variety of bilingual services are available, including information and referral, case management / service coordination, emergency assistance for rent, utilities, transportation, food and clothing (limited by available resources), entitlement assistance, and advocacy.

Employee Assistance Program

A full-service employee assistance program is a cost-effective, confidential service that assists businesses, organizations, and their employees and family members address problems that interfere with productivity and overall health and well-being.

Parish Counseling Network

Job loss, bereavement, marital issues – Short term and crisis counseling is available to parishioners through their local parishes. Referrals to the Parish Counseling Network can be made by pastors or designated parish staff.

Immigration Services

The path to US citizenship can be a long and challenging journey. Catholic Charities provides assistance to immigrants seeking to navigate the complex system of US immigration laws.